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57Runaway RealizationAlmaas
56On FaithAquinas
5The History of GodArmstrong, Karen
277How to study your bibleArthur, Kay
7ConfessionsAugustine, St.
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59Second SimplicityBarnhart
55Finding GodBarry
58Letting God Come CloseBarry
82Paying Attention to GodBarry
83A Frienship Like No OtherBarry
60The Gospel of ThomasBauman
61Divine Revelations of PrayerBaxter
62Christian ethics in the present traditioBeech
63The Awakening of perceptionBelsebaub
18The Gift of PeaceBernardin, Joseph Cardina
65Experiencing The CrossBlanchard
66The song of songsBloch
67Gospel of ThomasBloom
73The journey of the mind to GodBonaventure
68Secret of the Christian wayBorella
69The God we never knewBorg
70Reading the Bible AgainBorg
71The heart of ChristianityBorg
72The wisdom JesusBourgeault
287Mystical hopebourgeault
75The Divine MatrixBraden
76The pursuit of HolinessBridges
77The present processBrown
78Meeting JesusBrownson
79The teaching of the BuddhaBuddha
80Discovering the power within YouButterworth
26Discover the Power Within YouButterworth, Eric
81Thou art thatCampbell, Joseph
28Imperfect SpiritualityCampbell, Polly
43Chicken Soup of the SoulCanfield & Hansen
85The Tao of PhysicsCapra
84Crazy LoveChan
86The Gospel of ThomasChesbro
89The Book of SecretsChoppa
87The third JesusChopra
88How to know GodChopra
90White through DarknessChryssavgis
91Everyday mysticismCiorra
3Loving GodColson, Charles
94How big is your GodCoutinho
95Christian spiritualityCunningham
163Beyond religionDalai Lama
53The Divine Comedy TO DODante
96Be there nowDass
97Polishing the mirrorDass
98The Gospel of ThomasDavies
103The God You Can KnowDeHaan
99The unbearable wholenessDelio
100Choosing GratitudeDemoss
41When God Doesnt Make SenseDobson, James
102The hidden gospelDouglas
105The Tao of Inner PeaceDreher
101God dwells within usDubay
291Spirit HackingDurek, Shaman
106Change your thoughtsDyer
109The awakening HeartEadie
108Mr. EckhartEckhart
110Living in the presentEdwards
111Misquoting JesusEhrman
112Gratitude worksEmmons
113Mertons place of nowhereFinley
115When enough is enoughFinnigan
114Connecting with GodFoster
116The revelation of OnenessFoster
117Original BlessingFox
118Mr. EckertFox
119Coming of the cosmic ChristFox
42Sermon on the MountFox, Emmet
121Jesus in the Lost GoddessFreke and Gandy
120Basic teachings of great philosophiesFrost
122Meditation and contemplationGallagher
123Be still and know I am GodGancitano
126The Hebrew Joshua versus the Greek JesusGordon
127The Gospel of ThomasGore
128The self-aware universeGoswani
129The journey towards GodGroeshel
130If God is loveGulley
131Miracle of mindfulnessHanh
132Beyond The SoulHanh
6Living Buddha, Living ChristHanh, Thich Nhat
133As I have loved youHanigan
134Our FatherHaring
288The jesus codehawkins
135Gratitude: A way of lifeHay
136Jesuss twinHeisig
139Hildengard of BingenHildengard
137The Gospel of Thomas fully interpretedHodgetts
27Jung and the Lost GospelsHoeller, Stephan
138The science of OnenessHollick
140Science of MindHomes
46Contemplation: A Christian PathJager
143Mysticism for Modern TimesJager
8The Way to ContemplationJager, Willigis
9Search for the Meaning of LifeJager, Willigis
166Spirituality for dummiesJanice
19Heaven, the Last FrontierJeffrey, Grant
167Mysticism for New EraJohnson
168Mystical theologyJohnson
169The mysticism of The Cloud of UnknowingJohnson
170The Cloud of UnknowingJohnson
171The Still PointJohnson
38Quest for GodJohnson, Paul
51Christian ZenJohnston
107The Art of BeingJones, Dennis
52Zen and the BibleKadowaki, J K
141The collected works of st. John of the cKavanaugh
173Invitation to LoveKeating
174Open mind Open HeartKeating
175Intimacy with GodKeating
35Open Mind, Open HeartKeating, Thomas
176The reason for Godkeller
2Rediscovering CatholicismKelly, Matthew
177The imitation of ChristKemper
29Life in ChristKillgallon, Weber, & Zieg
180Loves quiet Revolutionkilory
284Without buddha i could not be a christianknitter
181Making sense out of sufferingKreeft
182Spiritual SurrenderKrisher
162When bad things happen to good peopleKushner
22How Good Do We Have to BeKushner, Harold
164The wisdom of kabbalahLaitman
184The god of the Second ChanceLaurie
185The practice of the presence of GodLawrence
286Practice of the presence of godlawrence
186The Gospel of PhilipLeloup
187The gospel of ThomasLeloup
188The gratitude power workbookLesowitz and Sammons
31Mere ChristianityLewis, C S
36The Problem of PainLewis, C S
40The Screwtape LettersLewis, C S
189Shaped GraceLucado
190Cries From The CrossLutzer
191The Gospel According To JesusMacArthur
125Be as you areMaharhi
193Spiritual teaching of Romana maharishimaharishi
194The Gnostic Gospels St ThomasMalachi
195Prayer of the HeartMaloney
196In Jesus we trustMaloney
197Putting on the mind of ChristMarion
21Putting on the Mind of ChristMarion, Jim
198Book of prayer and healingMark and Griswold
199The Jesuit guideMartin
200Reading scripture as the word of GodMartin
201The Book of RevelationMcBride
204Big Book of Christian MysticismMcColman
202Christianity the faith that makes senseMcCullum
206Unshakable TruthMcDowell
207Evidence that demands a verdictMcDowell
258Spirituality in the Gospel of ThomasMcGregor
260Jesus UntouchedMcGregor
208A new kind of ChristianityMcLaren
220Christain Insight to MeditationMeadow
209Contemplative PrayerMerton
210Essential writingsMerton
211Thoughts in solitudeMerton
212A life in LettersMerton
213Mysticism and Zen MastersMerton
214New seeds of contemplationMerton
215The ascent to TruthMerton
216The inner experienceMerton
219Mystics and Zen MastersMerton
281The seven story mountainmerton
25No Man is an IslandMerton, Thomas
217Power ThoughtsMeyer
218Secret teachings of Jesusmeyer
221The Gospel of ThomasMeyer
222The hidden Gospel of Matthewmiller
223The Gospel of ThomasMiller
224Unveiling your hidden powerMiller
37Paradise Lost TO DOMilton, John
226Care of the SoulMoore
227From Resurrection to Pentecostmoore
228Science in the BibleMorris
231The Tree of LifeMurphy
229Power of the blood of ChristMurray
233Renewed at each AwakeningMuto
11John of the Cross for TodayMuto, Susan
234The Tao of teachingnagel
235Angel MagicNeylon
49The Worlds WisdomNovak, Philip
230Prayer that changes everythingOMartin
236Killing JesusOReilly
237Love Beyond Reasonortberg
240Meeting GodPacker
238Beyond beliefpagels
239The Gnostic Gospelspagels
54Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of ThomPagels, Elaine
241How to know Godpatanjali
242The 5th gospelPatterson
243Meditative prayerpeace
13Further Along the Road Less TraveledPeck, M Scott
14The Road Less TraveledPeck, M Scott
245The intuitive wayPierce
246Getting to HeavenPiper
248Finally AlivePiper
183Zen and the Art of Motorcycle MaintPirsig
64A guided tour of Five Worlds worksPlato
280Jesus of nazarethpope benedict XVI
278Crossing the threshold of hopepope john paul II
279The splendor of truthpope john paul II
249Beyond illusion and doubtprabhupada
250The Lost teachings of Jesusprophet
30The Lost Years of JesusProphet, Elizabeth Clare
251Healing through the power of PrayerPublications Inc
253May the angels Be With YouQuinn
254The journey withinradhanath
45The Tenth InsightRedfield, James
255Where is selfRoberts
4Boundless AwarenessRodriguez, Michael
146Immortal diamondRohr
147Everything belongsRohr
148The naked nowRohr
149Things hiddenRohr
150Jesus plan for a new worldRohr
151Falling upwardRohr
152Yes, andRohr
153Dancing standing stillRohr
154Silent compassionRohr
155What the mystics knowRohr
156Breathing underwaterRohr
157Job and the mystery of sufferingRohr
158Oneing: EvidenceRohr
159Oneing: TransformationRohr
160The divine danceRohr
161Eager to liveRohr
290The Wisdom PatternRohr
292The Universal ChristRohr
144The great themes of scripture OTRohr & Martos
145The great themes of scripture NTRohr & Martos
256Meet your soulRomeo
257The mystery of inquiryrood
25930 Essays on the Gospel of ThomasRoss
262The book of saintsschroedel
33A Course in MiraclesSchucman, Helen
263Seeking the face of GodShannon
266Ye are GodsSharon
264The priest who left his religionShields
265Awaken Your Divine initiativeshumsky
15Divine RevelationShumsky, Susan
267Crystal liesSmith
268The word is very near yousmith
269Christian gnosisSmith
270Why Christianity must change or diespong
271Eternal LifeSpong
272Holiness of GodSproul
273Not a chancesproul
48Vanity and MeaningSproul, R C
274Discovering the power of the crossSpurgeon
282Dark night of the soulstarr
275Gratefulness the heart of prayerSteindl
276The Bible revealed from the ascended mastersStone
24How to Attain EnlightenmentSwartz
17Flying Closer to the FlameSwindoll, Charles
232The Power of the KingdomSwizdor
32The Passion of the Western MindTarnas, Richard
261The Divine mellow explainedTeilhard, Pierre
293New Spiritual ExercisesTeilhard, Pierre
23The Humble ApproachTempleton, John
39Beyond GodTillich, Paul
44The Power of NowTolle, Eckhart
47Pursuit of GodTozer, A W
34MysticismUnderhill, Evelyn
12Dei Verbum (Gods Word)Vatican II
10Conversations with GodWalsch, Neale Donald
20How to Make Sense of GodWijnaards, John
16A Brief History of EverythingWilber, Ken
285Lost books of the bibleworld bible pub
283The evolution of godwright
50Autobiography of a YogiYogananda, Paramahansa